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Food Superiority in SF vs NYC

Food Superiority in SF vs NYC

This debate seems to be raging on, so here are my two cents on the 5 truly superior culinary delights in each city, with input from Kate, as always my food soul mate.


  1. Tap water—seriously the champagne of waters.

  2. Pizza, especially the slice game (but I do love Del Popolo in SF).

  3. Craft beer, so many more breweries making great beers in New York, although Oakland seems to be catching up, I’m sad that NYC is so superior here.

  4. Bodega egg and cheese on a roll, in general eating on the go is so much better done in New York.

  5. Oysters, no doubt someone will argue with me about Hog Island but East Coast oysters in their variety and flavor are far superior and I’m going to give NYC credit just because I can.


  1. Produce, unfortunately all avocados are not created equal.

  2. Burritos—all good burritos got their inspiration from the Mission, even Chipotle.

  3. Wine, this seems obvious but even a casual place carries solid wine options in the Bay Area.

  4. Ramen, although there is good ramen in NYC the variety of options and frankly the weather just make it more appealing to consume in fog country.

  5. Crab season, really all I want for Christmas is Dungeness crab season, which rolls around right in time for the Holidays and is done well so many places year round, from R&G Lounge and PPQ to Fish in Sausalito.

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